Thursday, 26 January 2017

A Kiss To Remember

Slowly caressing his head with her fingers, she leaned on to his face. As he felt her breath, he tried to move up his face slightly towards hers without making his attempt obvious. Their eyes lidded, his doe-eyes frozen into her glimmering two. A few seconds passed with both in the same bewitched state. The warmth of their breaths touched their faces hidden behind the curtain of her curls. The more they both resisted, the stronger they were pulled into it. And then like two hypnotized bodies, both gave in to each other. His aquiline nose rubbed against her snub nose. Her lips, rosier than ever touched his. The heavier breaths made it hot on that usually cold January day. A lip lock followed, the first of its kind and the longest, for both of them would realize that much later. Seconds and then minutes passed, the bodies resisted any attempt to be separated. One of the Newton’s laws at its working best (you can make out that an engineer is writing here). After a few more intense moments, she felt her mouth aching. He too might have felt the same as the sealed lips were slowly released from the “never let go” grip of each other. They both looked at each other’s lips, red-hot & swollen radiating the wild energy of two teenage lovers. What a beautiful way to express love that was, and how long did it take for them to experience the taste of the nectar. The aroma of those bodies, the ambience of that room, the eloquent but fixated eyes, those luscious lips and above all those tears falling effortlessly from her eyes bear a very special place in their hearts together. Their teenage has left them long time back but their bright & vulnerable souls, which brought those pious tears still celebrate that fortunate moment. Even today after these long nineteen years, however apart they both were, whenever they will think of their first kiss, both of them will notice that their hearts just skipped a beat, together, yet again.